What kind of people are suitable for treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, and rowing machines?

- Sep 25, 2019-

What kind of people are suitable for treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, and rowing machines?

What kind of people are suitable for treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, and rowing machines?

Healthy exercise is a luxury for modern people. Let alone have enough time and energy to participate in outdoor sports, just looking at the sun, fire, people, and haze in the window will make sports The desire is swept away. In this state, many people choose indoor sports. Therefore, home fitness equipment including treadmills, exercise bikes (elliptical bikes), elliptical machines, and rowing machines are popular.

I will analyze the working principles, applicable people, and advantages of treadmills, spinning bikes, elliptical machines, and rowing machines. I hope to help you choose the right fitness equipment.


Treadmills, in the traditional impression, are tortured by machines like guinea pigs. In fact, as long as you know how to properly use the treadmill to train, you can not only use it as an alternative to outdoor weather in poor weather, but also can be difficult to train on the road project.


1. Not affected by the natural environment such as weather and air quality, whether it is windy or rainy outside, or foggy day, you can ensure that the exercise plan is not disturbed; you don't need to consider the distance and distance of the running position, and the time Flexible arrangements.

2. Machines with shock-absorbing effects have a great effect on protecting joints.

3. It can quantitatively set the speed and simulate a variety of scenarios such as climbing and downhill, which is good for planned exercise.

  For people:

Treadmill is a kind of weight-loss fitness machine. In the context of its advantages and disadvantages, it is more suitable for friends who like sports and students who need to lose weight urgently (fast calorie consumption).

Exercise bike

The indoor exercise bike can simulate riding, which is very effective for explosive and endurance training. Divided into two types of vertical and horizontal exercise bikes, which can adjust the intensity of exercise to play the effect of fitness. It is a typical aerobic fitness equipment that simulates outdoor sports. It mainly promotes cardiovascular exercise, accelerates metabolism, strengthens heart and lung functions, and improves the physical fitness of the body through a long period of physical activity at the appropriate intensity.


1. The advantages of exercise bike fitness are that it saves space, is easy and comfortable, and can consume more abdominal fat;

2. Cardiopulmonary training has been greatly improved, and at the same time, it can increase explosive power and endurance. It is best combined with interval training.

Suitable for the crowd:

Exercise bike is especially suitable for young white-collar workers aged 20 to 35. A spinning bike consumes a lot of energy and sweats a lot. It also strengthens your legs and beautifies your lower limbs.

Rowing machine

The rowing machine is a kind of equipment that simulates the movement of rowing. It has a good effect on strengthening the muscles of the legs, waist, upper limbs, chest, and back. The rowing machine is a very good exercise for the whole body. It requires mastery of posture, coordination, body muscles, and use of waist and abdomen muscles.


1. It can balance body fat and net weight in your body, allowing you to burn a lot of fat.

2. Rowing is beneficial for patients with arthritis or osteoporosis. When the muscles are in large motion, it can improve the stiffness of muscles and joints, and increase muscle and joint activity.

3. The quadriceps are the major muscle groups on the front side of the thighs. These muscles are mainly responsible for knee movements and hip flexion, which makes your legs less powerful and strengthens the quadriceps.

4. The rowing action is good for cardiopulmonary function and postoperative recovery.

  For people:

Because the rowing machine is a sport with high endurance, control and coordination of body muscles, the rookie will be difficult without guidance, and it is suitable for fitness people with a certain foundation.

Elliptical machine

Elliptical trainer is a kind of elliptical trajectory equipment with minimal sports damage. It mainly drives the flywheel by alternately stepping on both feet and pushing and pulling on both arms. At the same time, it relies on magnetic force, friction and flywheel inertia to form movement resistance. They are relatively close to running and are aerobic exercises involving the whole body.


The advantages of elliptical machine fitness are moderate and adjustable consumption, whole body aerobic exercise, small joint damage, space saving and minimal noise.

  For people:

The elliptical machine is more suitable for people whose joints are not too flexible, such as middle-aged and elderly people, women and so on.

Except for those who have high requirements for the amount of exercise, almost everyone is suitable for elliptical machine fitness.

Relatively speaking, elliptical machines are more suitable for home exercise.